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我的 S3 Type_X (<-車主自己命名)

Jan 29, 2018No Comments

身為LUXGEN的S3車主,很幸運的能夠親身經歷這段過程,現在的S3變得比原本的更好開且油耗更省。 一直以來我都認為,要提升動力就必須犧牲油耗,這個觀念在一個正常的引擎運作下是正確的,但是當引擎設計不良的時候。

MR engine widebody LUXGEN S5 GT-X 2015

Oct 20, 20161 Comment

A new 2015 goal was turning the 1st generation built project widebody into a mid engine platform incorporating Engine:  260hp 2.2 power plant Chassis:  full

貓王狂飆大鵬灣 XPro2 Stunt show

Jul 26, 2015No Comments


S5 GT勇闖300hp [GT300]

Jul 17, 20152 Comments

Spec R汽車性能情報特別報導 S5 GT300

2015 OTGP Rd.1 GT challenge – XPro2 R...

Mar 26, 2015No Comments

[Link for ENGLISH VERSION] ↑ 第一場2015年賽季的比賽3月21日〜 22開始在OTGP Penbay國際賽車場。這一事件也XPro2團隊第一次挑戰GT賽組。

Lambor Aventador LP750-4 SV 才是王道:...

Mar 18, 2015No Comments

More Power, Less weight   Text from • More power: enhanced V12 naturally aspirated engine with 750 hp at 8.400 rpm • Less weight:

Fahrenheit Z06: The Maximum Operating Tempe...

Feb 17, 20151 Comment

The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 posts some impressive performance numbers thanks to its 650-hp, 6.2-liter supercharged V-8. It also posts some impressive BTUs. A byproduct


Nov 19, 2014No Comments

The LUXGEN engine is very robust as proven through all the track testings.  However, it’s not enough to fulfill the taste of team XPro2.  We are

Enhanced edition: U6 GT230 [強化版 @ ...

May 30, 2014No Comments

Team XPro2 on May 30, 2014 reveled the 230hp LUXGEN U6, which we named it as “U6 GT230”.  It specific with an improved 2.2L with

2013 RedBull 皂飛車台灣 [BenQ]

Sep 29, 2013No Comments

來個輕鬆一點的! 這是2013年Red Bull Soap Box Race在台灣比賽的時候  我們XPro2秉持著創意無限的理念前進皂飛車! 我們參與2013皂飛車大賽的主題是以臺北101為主題,想要呈現的主題是MIT(Made in Taiwan).  The theme was to build a soap car with Taiwan 101 as a back ground,