At XPro2 motorsport division, we are pleased with our partners that supported us throughout the years and have becoming an attached relationships beyond business operations.





   GEARS Shocks

GEARS has continue being a valuable partner since 2013.  The extensive partnership developing competition shocks are second to none in quality and performance.  We look forward bring the races to winner’s circle.


Link to GEARS Facebook       Video Clip
Contact person:  Mr. Ted Lin (president)

gears shocks2

Touchdown_black   TOUCHDOWN Wheels

TOUCHDOWN Wheels to be partners with XPro2 ever since 2013.  TOUCHDOWN manufactures variety of wheels for all makes and sizes.  All of XPro2 project cars and competition vehicles are fitted with TOUCHDOWN Wheels.
TOUCHDOWN從2013年開始成為XPro2 Motorsports的唯一輪圈供應商,完整的尺寸規格,幫助XPro2我們發揮了每輛車的最大底盤潛力,質地堅韌的鋁合金材質,也在攻略賽道時,幫助車輛無視路沿石的存在,順利跑出最佳路線。如今,就算是街道用途的私人改裝,我們也推薦TOUCHDOWN輪圈。

Link to TOUCHDOWN Wheels Facebook

touchdown car3

TSD_red   TSD (TopSpin Design Co., Ltd.) 

TSD is the parent company of XPro2 and has continue supporting Team XPro2 motorsports.  TSD U.S.A. has a long term motorsport history in USA, which marketed its motorsport products (mainly VAG related).

Link to TSD website

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