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[Do You Note?] – GALAXY Note 4 Edge

Feb 12, 2015No Comments

Do you really believe Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is better than Apple IPhone 6 Plus? Which do you like? Facebook Comments

CANON 5Ds R & 5...

Are You Ready for 50 MP Cameras? Canon

Feb 04, 2015

Apple Store, Jiefang...

Just as the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers come

Feb 01, 2015

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Life Style

2020 TypeX 再進化

Jan 23, 2020No Comments

跟大家拜個早年,2020 恭賀新禧 萬事如意 一路以來Team XPro2致力於車輛工程的研究,也不斷思考如何能將各位的TypeX更上一層樓變得更好。 Facebook Comments

不用再道聽塗說 XPro2首次公開傳授...

Feb 26, 2019No Comments

如果你有遇到以下任兩種狀況,或者加起來超過5顆星,那就要快就醫以免耽誤治療。 Facebook Comments

以雄心 丈量天地 全新世代 BMW X5 ...

Dec 27, 2018No Comments

“BMW developed the world’s first sports activity vehicle, a SAV, not SUV. The BMW X5, we all know it, as the BOSS.” — BMW港澳台Managing Director


Dec 07, 20181 Comment

2018.12.07 各位前輩各有各的故事, X兩週了 我也來分享一下我自己遇到的狀況跟感觸 Facebook Comments

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