stan_history2XPro2 was official founded in early 2010 with a strong passion of the founder, Mr. Stan Liu, who has a long term history and passion with automobiles.  The company was financed by TopSpin Design Co.

The purpose of the creation was to devote the automotive expert knowledge and experience to the automotive industries in Asia.



Team XPro2  prototype race car arrived


  • Director Mr. Stan Liu received professional training and raced in U.S.A.
  • Team XPro2 received training on building prototype race car
  • XPro2 motorsport set fastest FF Turbo production car at PenBay International Circuit
  • LUXGEN S5 TURBO street version 240hp creation
  • LUXGEN U6 TURBO GT230 built
  • LUXGENWorld.com customer relation site creation and hosting


  • LUXGEN S5 TURBO vs. container at RA media event
  • LUXGEN U6 TURBO product training program
  • LUXGEN 5 Sedan sales training instructor
  • LUXGEN 5 Sedan M+ driving academy
  • Great Wall Motor China model H8 marketing consultant


  • LUXGEN stunt driver national promotion tour
  • LUXGEN stunt show at TIS & PenBay International Circuit
  • LUXGEN 5 Sedan media test drive events at TIS
  • LUXGEN 5 Sedan chassis tuning consultant


  • LUXGEN 5 Sedan widebody built
  • Maserati customer driving experience @ PenBay International Circuit
  • LUXGEN 5 Sedan record setting at TIS, Taiwan
  • Trumpchi Gacmoto China driving experience event coordinator
  • LUXGEN motorsport consultant
  • Mazda China sale representative training consultant
  • LUXGEN internal S5 product & dynamic driving training course
  • VW Taiwan sales representative training consultant


  • XPro2 founded

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