XPro2 stunt preparation part 3/3 [特技大...

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(極致驚艷車技秀)  – 玩命追緝2:驚天動地大鵬灣

XPro2 stunt preparation part 2/3 [特技大...

May 17, 20152 Comments

(極致驚艷車技秀) – 玩命追緝1:忠孝東路大逃亡

XPro2 stunt preparation part 1/3 [特技大...

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XPro2 總監 (車導) 劉吉凱-Stan 說 「台灣人團結沒什麼做不到的」

The untold stunt story teaser 特技+爆...

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The true story behind the real scene of the LUXGEN stunt program. During the preparation stage, all the program documentation were locked and never able

Record 紀錄 2-wheel stunt 4 minutes

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On October 5, 2012, XPro2 driver/stunt/director Stan pilot the vehicle on 2-wheels and set a record of 4 minutes at Penbay International Raceway. It was