XPro2 police coming to Need for Speed…...

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Photos collected from internet

The Chase 3 – EXTENSION stunt

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2013.0301 (The Chase 3) Team XPro2 extend the stunt 3 with video shooting in the mountains..  The two street racers both Nike and David were

[愛車一族] 汽車特技大師~XPro2-S...

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The untold stunt story teaser 特技+爆...

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The true story behind the real scene of the LUXGEN stunt program. During the preparation stage, all the program documentation were locked and never able

Record 紀錄 2-wheel stunt 4 minutes

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On October 5, 2012, XPro2 driver/stunt/director Stan pilot the vehicle on 2-wheels and set a record of 4 minutes at Penbay International Raceway. It was

The Chase 2 – (極致驚艷車技秀)...

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Shocking the PenBay.  Yes, our goal is to rock the PenBay with lots of explosive, stunts, tires noises. New stunts acts were incorporated into the

Dream Police Car [東森新聞-夢幻警車...

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Taiwan TV NEWS 07.30.2012 – ETTV reported that the XPro2 prepared stunt police car fantasize by the police men with strong positive spirit. 東森新聞 報導:XPro2表演的特技警車發起一潑熱警方男人具有較強的積極向上的精神與幻想。

The Chase 1 – (極致驚艷車技秀)...

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傳奇不是過去式,而是現在進行式! 台灣史上從來沒有出現過的特技表演由XPro2揭開序幕 熱血沸騰的表演、驚心動魄的場景、無與倫比的特技開啟了XPro2傳奇的初章 在表演的背後我們付出了無數的汗水,最後不但完成了史無前例的特技表演 甚至打破了在龍潭樂活賽車場的國產車最速單圈記錄,而這項紀錄永遠都不會再被突破! 未來還有無限的驚嘆號和傳奇,希望各位可以與我們一起見證! 第一場特技表演,地點是龍潭TIS賽車場. 2012.07.28  Performed by XPro2 Team XPro2 performed the stunt driving events to LUXGEN motors.  It was a full

The Light Bulb-II

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The first attempt to crack down the high intensity light bulb failed.  Stan came up with an idea to strapped light bulb tightly onto a