MR engine widebody LUXGEN S5 GT-X 2015

October 20, 2016

A new 2015 goal was turning the 1st generation built project widebody into a mid engine platform incorporating

Engine:  260hp 2.2 power plant
Chassis:  full tubular frame setup with front/rear double a-arms
Vehicle final weight:  less than 850kg
Design drawing by:  Stan Liu


Wideboy X-MK1 2011.06.01 – 2012.04.06
1st widebody was built by team XPro2 and revealed at PenBay International Circuit.  The built used engineer-tried vehicles (before pre-production models) 6 months before the officially production model release date in 2012.  The widebody extend the concept to production performance model, which all hand made.  The body extend over additional 6cm width in rear traction, and 10cm more in front.  Tires were 255/40/18’s all around.

The roof replaced with a strong light weight carbon fiber panel.
Engine featured a 2.0L 200 hp (up from 170hp stock).
XPro2以LUXGEN 5 Sedan打造的第一代寬體概念車
推出時間,LUXGEN 5 Sedan上市前

s5_widebody 1





Production released 2012.01.01 Taipei Auto Show
LUXGEN5 Sedan, the first whole Taiwanese self-developed car, styled by the HAITEC Design Center under the stewardship of James Shyr, is the new generation of LUXGEN series and was unveiled in November 2011 at the Taipei Auto Show and then officially launched in the second quarter of 2012.  LUXGEN5 Sedan is the first sedan of LUXGEN series. It offers a 1.8-liter turbo charged petrol engine or an 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbo charged petrol engine giving 175-180 hp/26.0-27.0 kgm (2.0 L) and 150 hp/21.0-22.0 kgm (1.8 L).
第一款由台灣人自行研發的四門房車-LUXGEN 5 Sedan,2011年9月的台北世貿車展首次登台亮相,搭載排氣量1.8和2.0兩具四缸渦輪引擎,輸出功率分別為150hp/21.0~22.0kgm和 175-180 hp/26.0-27.0 kgm。






Widebody X-MK2 2012-2013
The MK2 received a refined body flare fiber glass material, engine upgraded to 2.2L @ 230hp tuned by XPro2.  The wheel base was lengthen for additional 3cm for greater caster angle.  Engine hood weight was reduced with a carbon fiber.






Widebody X-MK3 2013-2014
Engine remained with 2.2L, but new developed camshaft and tuned engine tuned to 260hp.  The front splitter and rear spoiler was added for more stability and traction at high speed corners.  The vehicle full roll caged weights 1150kg with driver Stan.  It was timed at 1:56s at PenBay International Circuit.  Video.

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S5 GT300 / U6 GT300 2015
Engine retained from previous version, but upgraded the cylinder head design with higher combustion efficiency and reaching 300hp.

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S5 GT-X 2015
Engine:  Mid engine 260hp 2.2 power plant with “X3 plug in tuned ECU, rear wheel drive
Chassis:  full tubular frame setup with front/rear double a-arms
Vehicle final weight:  less than 850kg



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