2016 Mazda MX-5 first test drive

February 5, 2016

We share you the first hand test drive of the 2016 Mazda MX-5.

I own a red AP2 Honda S2000 and not a track car.  I do drive the car whenever the weather is smiling so I can pull the top off and enjoy the sun and the air.  The S2000 is retained stock form except the vehicle is equipped with custom tuned Ohlins TTX shocks.


When I saw the new 2016 MX-5, the styling is appearing, sexy, and beautiful in every angle.  The rear end gives a european BMW Z4 like, and interior design is exquisite with a super car touch feel and look.

Yet, the convertibles is all about driving pleasure.  What good is it without the driving sensation that will give you a BIG smile on your face?

YES, YES, the new MX-5 do catch attentions, and many thumb up.  But how would MX-5 compare to S2000?  Well…. I can say these are two different machines and which can not be compared to one or another.  S2000 is like a race car that is tuned down for the street.  I often refresh S2000 driving techniques while not on track with the Radical SR8 (http://www.xpro2.com/category/automotive/projects/radical_sr8/).  The S2000 is what a sports car should be, simple in design, no fancy interior, and pure driver feedback.

However, MX-5 is so easy to drive for daily driver.  It is comfortable to ride in, the visible is good and interior quality and design provide endless driving enjoyment.  Styling is up to date and receive THUMB UP whenever you go.  Vehicle feedback is quite good and sensitive with minor understeer.  However, I found the car do pitch and roll a bit more when cornering loading is set, and could be a little dangerous if unload and upset the chassis.

Would I like to own a 2016 MX-5?  If I don’t have the S2000 first hand, I would go with MX-5 with a more modern styling and quality.

— Stan @ XPro2

Mazda_MX5_01 Mazda_MX5_02

–article by Taiwan Motor

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