2015 OTGP Rd.1 GT challenge – XPro2 Radical vs GMS 997GT3

March 26, 2015

SR8-3↑  The first 2015 race season started on OTGP March 21~22 at Penbay International Circuit.  This event also the ever first GT Challenge Open class the team participated.

↑  The GT Challenge class is far the most exciting class to compete with, all the race vehicles are the super fast cup cars such as Ferrari Challenge, 997 cup cars, Lambo, SLS, etc.  Yet, the class is break down the GT open, GT class A, B, and so forth.  The Radical is group to GT Open class to the fastest race cars around.

SR8 spin-4 ↑  Over the weekend, we were battling with handling issues, which were understeer in slow speed entry and mid corners.  However, Stan managed to made the pole position in the GT Challenge group.  There were good drivers and fast race cars in the group, yet battling the handling problem, the Radical took a hard spin at a hairpin turn.

SR8 Spin
↑  On Friday morning practice session, the mechanic found the cause of the handling issue.  The blame was the left shock high-speed compression was stuck unable to make adjustments.  Few tweaks and adjuster broke.  (the high-speed compression setting was set overnight at full soft)

煞車氣管破裂 ↑  Round 1 Saturday race we had shifting problems and found a faulty air pump hose fitting that was cracked with pressure leakage which prevent delivering adequate pressure to activate the shifting mechanism.

↑  The engine further experienced difficulties to fired up and stalled few occasions.  The crew found the cause were the spark plugs where the electrodes have worn beyond the acceptable plug gap.  New spark plugs were replaced.

Brake ↑  Picture below shown the high-speed compression at fault which resulted poor lap times.

Radical 避震器 ↑  但就在把旋鈕朝Soft方向轉到最軟做歸零後,天殺的情況發生了…旋鈕卡死!連用老虎鉗夾住,兩人合作都轉不動,搞得旋鈕芯都受損了…

SR8-2 ↑  On Sunday, the handling issue became worse.  Understeer really slow down the Radical.

SR8-4 ↑  From the track layout, the vehicle was suffering handling from turn 6 through 14.  We lost approximate 4~5 seconds throughout the half part of the track.

SR8-5 ↑  The crew learned the valuable experience throughout the weekend.  Driver Stan put out a extraordinary driving skill battling the cup cars.

Stan gets champion
Special thanks to:

Intrax Netherland re-freshing the shocks.
GEARS support.  Great drinks provided to the team.
Touchdown wheels for continuous support.
Allen and rest of the fans to the team support.

See you at next race!


Some collections of video clips:  Thanks to the media groups

27:35 開始 Super GT


BuyCarTV (3:09 mark)

萊斯 多媒體

Rolling start (video by Louis Chang)


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