Race car is ready to the track

February 1, 2015

We’ve finally retrieved the race car stored in USA.  A dedicated trip with engineer Max and Stan “director” to the USA.  Max received full training in regards to engineering, build.
Stan帶著工程師Max前往美國取回Radical SR8,並安排Max接受到一系列完整的賽車工程訓練。

There were some few works that the vehicle had to be prepared before heading to the race track in Taiwan.  First of all, the fiberglass body panels were damaged from shipping as well as abused from races, XPro2 material engineer Mr. Strong Chen patched all the body parts in good shape.  Secondly, the Motorola communication radio system were not compatible with any of the parts in Taiwan, thereof, the entire communication radio system were replaced, fabricated to our specific need.  Furthermore, new adjustment of pedals, seating padding were custom fitted, adjusted fitting to driver Stan for best comfort.

↑  但在前往台灣的大鵬灣賽道(Penbay)之前,還有些事情必須做好準備。例如:航運過程損壞的玻璃纖維外觀、台灣地區無法使用的Motorola無線電系統、椅墊舒適性的升級。

_1030452↑  返台定居10年的Stan遇到愛玩車的老外,話匣子一打開就聊個不停。
radical↑  (left:  Stan with SR3 exiting last corner – 又是個一望無際的沙漠賽車場)  (right:  Stan with XPro2 SR8)

testing↑  Off from driving training, Stan is getting trained with Sean on engine data analysis.

radical2↑  Left:  Chassis setting.  Middle:  Max learning the underside chassis.  Right:  Max is helping to re-build the sequential gear box

↑  A look of the beautiful race car


↑  Video of Stan with SR3 (stay tuned for XPro2 SR8)

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