Project CARS First Official Trailer Arrives For PC, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U

October 31, 2014

The trailer above gives gamers a small taste of some of the advanced motorsport mechanics infused into the very core of the game, as you can see the engine pumping the lifeblood that roars through the frame of the chassis at top-speeds, or the shocks springing into action in an attempt to stabilize the wheel housing on an axle that tilts and sways with every high-speed turn and death-defying bump the car takes; bending fiercely to the will of the road. We see the iron grip of a pro-driver locked onto the rubber ridges around the steering wheel, as man and machine fight and fuse together – the force of the road dictating the direction, but the heart of man pouring his passion into the speed for which the car will conquer the turn. A melding force of gravity and defiance, working against each other and yet joining hand-in-hand to bring the high-speed thrills of motor racing to life. This is the essence of Project CARS.

給玩家一個小的味道有些注入到遊戲的核心,你可以看到發動機抽了怒吼通過機箱頂部,速度幀的命脈先進的賽車運動力學或震盪雨後春筍為試圖穩定上傾斜和搖晃的每高速轉彎,玩命撞擊汽車需要一個車軸的車輪罩的行動;狠狠的彎曲道路的意志。我們看到了一個親驅動鎖定在方向盤周圍的橡膠脊的鐵腕,人與機器的鬥爭,融合在一起 – 在路上口述方向的力,而是人的心臟湧出他的激情進入速度其中汽車將征服之交。重力和蔑視的歸併力,工作反目成仇,但加入的手牽手,使賽車的高速驚險刺激的生活。這是工程車的精髓。

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