The Chase 3 – EXTENSION stunt

March 1, 2013

2013.0301 (The Chase 3) Team XPro2 extend the stunt 3 with video shooting in the mountains..  The two street racers both Nike and David were out of jail and faced off with Stan, the XPro2 cop.
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2012.1005 (The Chase 2 — Shocking PenBay) once again defeated 2 street racers at gun point.

2012.0728 (The Chase 1 — The Escape) the XPro2 police captured 2 street racers at TIS.

2012.0728 (玩命追緝1:忠孝東路大逃亡)XPro2 警員成功的制服2位飆仔
2012.1005 (玩命追緝2:驚天動地大鵬灣) 2位飆仔出獄後持槍在一場追緝中再次被 XPro2 超級警員制伏
2013.0301 (玩命追緝3) 這次XPro2 超級警員 Stan 劉吉凱 面臨2位飆仔挑釁, 面對面對抗, 後續發展會如何呢?如您肯定 XPro2 團隊的用心,我們在此誠摯邀請大家提出您對續集劇情的想法,您的每一個寶貴意見及劇情­內容, 日後將有機會成為續集拍攝的部分橋段。


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