Zombies on Gymkhana 金卡納殭屍

September 12, 2012

DC and Ken Block present Gymkhana FOUR: The Hollywood Megamercial.
GYM4 surpasses the high-production style of Gymkhana TWO with even more spectacular effects shot in the backlots of Universal Studios, California.
Filmed over the course of five days, director Ben Conrad
(Zombieland and 30 Seconds or Less) and his team at Logan deliver a Hollywood caliber production complete with pyrotechnics, massive stunts and a series of unbelievable tricks.
Featuring robotic sharks, deranged zombies, and a hilarious cameo by the Epic Meal Time guys, Ken Block and his Hybrid FunctionHoon Vehicle (H.F.H.V.) bring the magic of Hollywood and gymkhana together.

This is far the best Ken Block Gymkhana every.

DC和 Ken Block 金卡納四:好萊塢Megamercial 。

金卡納四 超過金卡納兩個大製作風格與拍攝的環球影城,加利福尼亞州的外景更壯觀的效果。 拍攝了五天的過程中,導演本·康拉德 (殭屍和30秒或更短)和他的團隊在洛根提供好萊塢口徑生產完整的煙火,特技龐大等一系列令人難以置信的技巧。 擁有機器人鯊魚,瘋狂的殭屍,和熱鬧客串的史詩餐時間傢伙,肯Block和他的混合動力汽車FunctionHoon ( HFHV )帶來的好萊塢和金卡納神奇起來。 這是迄今為止最好的Ken Block的金卡納每一個。

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