LUXGEN S5 TURBO LTNS龍潭賽道 國產車最速單圈1分01秒64

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2011.11.03 劉吉凱 Stan @ XPro2 駕駛 LUXGEN S5 TURBO 原廠 ET 工程試作車 (車輛當時未上市) 在龍潭賽車場做出國產車歷史以來最速單圈紀錄!

LUXGEN S5 TURBO LTNS龍潭賽道 國產車最速單圈1分01秒64

LUXGEN MOTOR General Manager officially announced the breaking news of the new set record

[11.03.2011] Stan @ Team XPro2 re-wrote a new chapter to Taiwan automotive industry pilot a pre-production LUXGEN 5 Sedan at TIS race track with fastest record ever.  The record is not meant to be broken as the track is no longer existence.

Vehicle specifications:

Engine:  2.0L 4-cylinder turbo charged

Transmission:  automatic 6-speed


Stan @ XPro2 駕駛 LUXGEN 5 Sedan (PT vehicle) 量產試作車在 2011.11.03 LTNS龍潭賽道創下國產車最速單圈1分01秒64.  在車屆的歷史從新創下新里程碑。

In car driving video


LUXGEN S5 TURBO (formally named LUXGEN 5 Sedan)

s5_01 s5_interior

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